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Sheriff's Safe with Combination Lock


The End of the Journey is Near - Only 500 Supporters to Go!

To prepare for the final showdown in Stud City, notorious outlaw Billy the Brick wants to do some practice shootin'. So he lined up a row of bttles and got himself a brand new six-shooter. Only he hadn't realised he had to build the dang thing himself.

He might be the fastest gun in the West, but he's not the brightest brick - will he manage to assemble the 18 pieces in time?


Yeeeee-haw! We made it to 9.000 supporters!

While makin' our way 'cross the scorched desert and sea of tumbleweed to this last one-horse stopover, we came up with some alternative designs for lock mechanism connoisseurs. They operate as smoothly and reliably as the original but they are more compact - the choice is really a matter of building technic preference. 

Now my trusty stallion and I are ready for the last part of this journey. With your help we will bring the Sheriff's Safe to Stud City!


Build Your Own Secret Code

On this Wild West journey, in the cold desert nights, when sittin' 'round the campfire, we - that's me and my horse - normally play the banjo to pass time. But we only know one song, which does get somewhat monotonous after a while. So here on day 197 I decided to do a project update instead:

The book now comes with separated number bricks so you can build your own preferred, secret code. Also, I made a complete overview of how to build the lock for every possible combination. There's 24. Dang convenient when you wanna change the code, yee-haw!



I wanted to post an update with a great, new photo, but for some odd reason it ain't showin' up, dang. This here modern technology is playin' tricks on me. I'll have it fixed before sunset 🏜 Check back soon!


Halfway Hoedown!

The sheriff's safe has made it halfway to the general store - yeeeee-haw!

This is good news for both law-abidin' minifigs who can spot a safer future, and for Wild West outlaws in the brick robbin' business who'll also benefit from more safes to be robbed.

However, there's still a long, dusty road and many tumbleweeds ahead. My trusty steed and I won't rest until we get to 10k supporters, and with your help we will. So please wire all your friends, fellow gunslingers and brick-separator wielding mates to come vote.

I'm extremely grateful for, and honoured by, all your fantastic support. Thanks!