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Sheriff's Safe with Combination Lock


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The notorious outlaw Billy the Brick has robbed Stud City and gotten away with sheriff Wild Brick Hiccup's safe. Now, he might be the fastest gunslinger in the West, but not the brightest brick. Will he be able to crack the combination lock and get the gold? Will you?

Working Lock Mechanism
It all started while watching a spaghetti western and wondering how a safe combination lock actually works. That sparked the idea of building one out of LEGO. Now, after endless hours of prototyping, refining and perfecting, I'm confident the result will make any aspiring brick robber reconsider their career path.

It's compact and simple. It's reliable and smooth to operate. And of course it's all made out of LEGO - no custom parts, no cheating.

There are 24 possible combinations. You must choose and build your own, preferred, secret code.

The Small Print
The safe comes pre-stocked with everything a Wild West gunslinger needs. Including - but not limited to - gold, dynamite, a revolver, an old cheese and half a sausage. These general goods are fixed on studs so they don't fall off when handling or robbing the safe. However, they can easily be removed in case you need room for your own valuables.

546 parts (safe 431, accessories incl. extra code bricks for the book 115).

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What if I forget my secret code?
A: Don't worry. You've got dynamite!

Q: But the dynamite is inside the safe!
A: Right... but don't worry. The safe is made of LEGO after all, so it won't stop an ol' gunslinger with a brick-separator like yourself.

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for your support.

"You see, in this world, there’s two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig.", Il Buono

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