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The Orrery


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The Orrery

View this custom model of our Solar System!


Set Features -

  • 40 pieces
  • Flight Works Series! – The Orrery compliments other SteamPunk themed sets!
  • Spinning Base – Planets orbit on a central axis.
  • Celestial Bodies – 4 Planets, 2 Moons, Asteroids, 1 Sun, and 1 Planetary Ring
  • 1 Minifigure – Astronomy Professor
  • Chalkboard – Including a chalk drawing of the Orrery, 1 stick of chalk, and 1 eraser


Designer’s Notes –

I've been working on a larger project as a sequel to The Clockwork Menagerie and designed this in the process. This is the smallest Project I've ever submitted, but I think it deserves a chance to stand on its own merits. If you agree, click the Support Button and together we'll reach for the stars!


~ Scott

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