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Classic 1988 YJ Jeep Wrangler


I got inspired to make a model of my existing 1988 Jeep YJ Wrangler. I measured the LEGO wheels I had, and they were exactly 1/10th scale to the actual wheels. So, with no instructions but math, I proceeded. Here is the 1/10th scale result to which I think would be a fabulous kit! (If this happens – I look forward to branding my actual Jeep as the original model!)


  • Functional Steering
  • Functional 2-4WD Conversion and Shift
  • 5-Speed/R Stick Shift (Moveable but not Operable)
  • Axle Suspension
  • Functional Fan from Drive Shaft (No Pistons – just visual Straight 6)
  • Opening Hood
  • Opening Doors and Back Gate
  • Opening License Plate (to reveal Gas Tank)
  • Dashboard details and Rear/Side View Mirrors
  • Details of Turn Signal, Clutch, Brake and Gas Pedal
  • Details of Headlights, Brake Lights, Antenna and Receiving Hitch
  • Side Rails, Front/Back (Chrome) Bumpers with Floodlights
  • Removable Bikini Top Skirt to reveal Roll Bars
  • Adjustable Seats

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