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Argoal Mall


Welcome to the colourful Argoal Mall. This set is able to be connected to the rest of the creator expert modular buildings. After gather lots of unique items, I decided to create a place where the people of my city could buy them! Inside it contains:

Ground Floor:

- Carpark with space for 2-4 cars (depends on car size).

First Floor:

- Food Store with fruit, pastries and more.

- Book Store with book shelves and opening/closing doors.

- Costume and Props Store features weapons, costumes and props from old sets.

Second Floor:

- Rest and Relaxation area with tables, chairs, and cups, nearby there is a water refill station.

- Homewares and Home Aplliances Store with cups, glasses, a stove, sink, chests, bowls and more.

Roof: Number eighteen represents ‘2018’, and the ‘A’ stands for Argoal.

All Store signs are empty so you name and label them yourself. Set comes with 5 men and 1 boy (not including costume figures).

Hope you see this and comment!

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