Product Idea

Argoal Mall

Welcome to the colourful Argoal Mall. This set is able to be connected to the rest of the creator expert modular buildings. After gather lots of unique items, I decided to create a place where the people of my city could buy them! Inside it contains:

Ground Floor:

- Carpark with space for 2-4 cars (depends on car size).

First Floor:

- Food Store with fruit, pastries and more.

- Book Store with book shelves and opening/closing doors.

- Costume and Props Store features weapons, costumes and props from old sets.

Second Floor:

- Rest and Relaxation area with tables, chairs, and cups, nearby there is a water refill station.

- Homewares and Home Aplliances Store with cups, glasses, a stove, sink, chests, bowls and more.

Roof: Number eighteen represents ‘2018’, and the ‘A’ stands for Argoal.

All Store signs are empty so you name and label them yourself. Set comes with 5 men and 1 boy (not including costume figures).

Hope you see this and comment!