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Gravity Falls Mystery Shack


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I just returned from a short vacation, only to find that you guys have been incredibly busy. Thank you to each and every one of you for your support.

Since the finish line is approaching so quickly, here are a few more things I cooked up:

As some of you may have seen in the comment section, I updated Wendy's roof top hang out.

On the other side of the roof I added the lights for the sign and the small chimney.

In front of the gift shop entrance I installed the Pitt Cola vending machine.

And for the surroundings of the Shack the signs at the main entrance, the small car bumpers, and the totem pole appeared.


Also I came up with a few accessories that should be included, in my opinion.

  1. Height-altering crystal flashlight
  2. Gruncle Stan bobbleheads
  3. Time Tape
  4. Forgetinator
  5. the painting above Dipper's bed
  6. the President's Key
  7. some love potion

I hope you like it.


A few more improvements.

Before we get into this, I have to say: THANK YOU SO MUCH. It still amazes me, how many of you care and keep sharing their thoughts. Believe me, I appreciate every comment, share and vote like crazy! We still have to gather a few like-minded Gravity Falls and/or LEGO fans, but if progress continues at it's current rate, I am confident we can reach the 10,000 votes in the remaining 500+ days and it's all because of you! So thank you, thank you, thank you!

But now for the actual long overdue update. With every creative process I get into I always struggle with finishing. So naturally I also keep working on the Shack whenever I find time or am not distracted by other builds. Your input helped a lot with adding details and finding new solutions, so I hope you like the changes below.

First an overview, where you can see that I have added the question mark and the speaker on the roof:

In the back and on the side I have added the missing windows (and now I realize the chimney on the side is still missing – building continues)

People kept asking about the second floor, since the show doesn't depict it. Well, the show doesn't keep a consistent layout for the Shack and the outter geometry doesn't match the inside. So I decided to use the room that Soos discovers out of nowhere, when Mable and Dipper did no longer want to share a room (S01E16 "Carpet Diem").

The roof of the first floor and the attic actually opens up to both sides for best access. I used a sticker from the LEGO Friends theme for a Mable like calendar, the other side as a printed tile with a sailing ship similar to the one above dippers bed in the show.

There are so many great ideas for accessories that could easily be included, like the Memory Gun, the laptop, Dipper's black and flashlights, the Magnet Guns, the height-altering crystals and so on. Enough for a seperate update. But due to popular and persistent demand, let's start with one of Stan's 8-Ball canes, which he actually sells at the gift shop.

Finally – an those have actually been finished for months – I added some trees, one of which has a little trap door for hiding objects like ... I don't know ... books ... maybe.



Many of you have correctly pointed out that the minifigures for the Mystery Shack should be skin toned rather than yellow. So here we go. I also took the chance to add some individual accessory for everyone – which doesn't mean Soos' tools, Wendy's axe or Stan's wobbleheads won't appear somewhere inside the Shack on top of that.

I have chosen to only include these main characters to keep the set as spoiler free as possible and base it largely on the first episodes. I think other characters might also fit better in other settings. If LEGO decides to turn the Mystery Shack into a real set, who's to say others won't follow. Or maybe the designers at LEGO choose to add an antagonist, so for example Bill could look like this:


Interior & Fixes

First of all, I have to thank everyone who supported this little project of mine already! It has been a little over two weeks now and I can't believe all the amazing feedback and support I have gotten so far. I still have a hard time believing, that in this short amount of time Alex Hirsch (creator of the TV show Gravity Falls) has tweeted about it and said that it is a dream of his to accidentally step on his own LEGO Mystery Shack and just after that the LEGO Ideas team has selected it as a staff pick.

Still, I always feel like there is room for improvement and some of you have shared their feedback, questions, and ideas, which has been really inspiring. Mostly I have been asked to add images of the interior – especially the opening vending machine.

I am also curious to see, what you guys think about the exhibition pieces. The showcase is a reference to the episode "Little Gift Shop of Horrors" and the other figure was actually meant to be a sasquatch, but while searching for it I came across the mutant bat, which I felt would be something Stan might put together from paper mache wings and a can of beans for the brain. Unfortunately this particular one couldn't be included since it's from the TMNT license. So what would you add instead?

I have also updated the sign on the roof top and integrated the grey shadow of the "S" into the surface of the sign. The external doors for the basement entrance have also been added (although they can't actually be used, but then again, I don't think they ever are). The image for those actually also gives you a closer look at the colorful windows.

The next update will concern the minifigures. Some of the changes are obvious and should have been considered more carefully in the beginning, I have to admit. But other request are still under consideration, so stay curious!

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