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Gourmet Hamburger Restaurant And Pizzeria


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Right next to each other on a street in the big city there are two restaurants that are nothing alike: the new and trendy gourmet hamburger restaurant, serving up house-made burgers guaranteed fresh with only locally-sourced ingredients, and the old pizzeria, with its mostly takeout crowds and long reputation for friendly service and good pizza! This project is a combination of two of my older projects, Pizzeria and Eagle - The Gourmet Hamburger Restaurant (both linked if you're interested in seeing them on their own). I decided that it would be a good idea to combine the two projects to create a larger modular because I think they look better together than just by themselves. This combined version has also maintained all of the minifigures from  the older projects, and so it has 6 minifigures.
The pizzeria side of the building has the pizzeria on the bottom floor  with a small outdoor eating area. As mentioned, they mainly serve for takeout, so there's not much room to eat inside. Upstairs you'll find a two-story apartment.
The burger restaurant side has an indoor eating area that spans both floors of the building! A set of stairs leads up to the top floor. The kitchen contains a meat refrigerator to refrigerate (but not freeze!) the meats that the restaurant uses in the burgers (but you can order a veggie burger too, if that suits you better) and for the specially seasoned chicken drumsticks you can order. The restaurant is decorated with awards and newspaper clippings, but there are some other random quirky decorations on the wall as well.
The minifigures include:
  • Burger chef (with the bandana around his head)
  • Waitress (for the burger restaurant)
  • Pizza chef (in the chef's hat)
  • Three restaurant customers
I hope you enjoyed taking a look at this project! Don't forget to support, comment, and share. If you'd like to check them out, my other projects are linked here.

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