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Eagle - The Gourmet Hamburger Restaurant


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In the heart of the city there's a new restaurant that's gaining a lot of acclaim - it's Eagle, the restaurant serving up classic hamburgers...with a twist! This project is designed as a fairly new hamburger restaurant inside an older building. This  project is comprised of roughly 1400 pieces, including three minifigures  - a chef (with the head wrapping/bandana to keep his hair out of his delicious hamburgers), a waitress  (with the plate), and a random customer. The building is compatible with standard  LEGO modular buildings. Please note  that the background image in the cover photo is not taken from  anyone without their authorization - it is  my image.
The first floor of the restaurant includes a kitchen with all the  essentials - a refrigerator, a stove, an oven, a sink, some counter space,  and most importantly,  a grill for the burgers! There is even a big walk-in  refrigerator solely for meat, and a  small chair or stool for an employee to  rest on. Outside the kitchen are a reception area for greeting guests, a waiting area (with one chair), a menu, some  maps as decorations, a table with booth-style seating, and a regular table. There is also  a set of stone stairs leading up to the second  floor,  with a small shelf holding a vase  of flowers for decoration.
The second floor is all seating. On the  walls are some decorations, including a photo with a (rather aged) celebrity who visited the restaurant, some newspaper clippings praising the restaurant, a picture of a farm  to celebrate the restaurant's emphasis on sourcing their ingredients locally and the farm-to-table movement, and many  awards that the restaurant has won. There are five tables on this level,  all with standard seating - no booths. All of the restaurant's dishes are on display here. There are four varieties of hamburger that the restaurant serves - the  Cheeseburger, the Tomato Burger, the  Green Burger (with lettuce), and the Ultimate Loaded Supreme Burger (with both lettuce and tomato). They also serve  fries, drinks, hot dogs, and some sort of chicken or turkey drumstick. And, of course, the fries come with condiments.
The roof tops off the restaurant (literally!). It is entirely open on the inside, to give the restaurant a high ceiling. On the outside, the sign proudly sits on the roof to attract potential customers.
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