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This is a pizzeria, comprised of around 1300 pieces. It is based off of an Italian restaurant that I photographed in San Diego a little while back. It includes three minifigures, a chef, another guy (who could be a restaurant employee or just a regular townsperson), and a third guy (who is carrying in his groceries).
The first floor is, of course, the pizzeria itself. It has a full wood-fire oven, a station for assembling the pizza, and a refrigerator in the kitchen. While there is no space to eat inside the  building itself, there are  two tables  outside, each of which seats two.  There is also a seat inside at which one can wait for their pizza (if they opt for takeout), and a cashier's area.
The second  and  third floor are an apartment.  The stairs lead to the doorway to the apartment. On the first floor of the apartment is a kitchen and a small dining area. The second floor holds a fairly large bedroom  and  a bathroom.
As I previously mentioned, this project is based off of a restaurant in San Diego. We actually did eat at the restaurant (side note: the food was pretty good), and one family member  of mine ordered pizza. So I was inspired to make this restaurant, as while Lego does make a lot of restaurants, and particularly a lot of pizzerias, I believe that there can never be enough restaurants!
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