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The Perfect Picnic

My build is 2 people sitting in a park enjoying a nice lunch. I built this set for Lego Ideas' latest contest. This could be a great set because Lego hasn't had a picnic set for awhile. Also this has an uneven base which isn't very popular in most Lego sets. I don't really plan on this to get to 10,000. I would just like to try and see how my first idea submission will do. 

My favorite part about building this, was when I placed the 1x1 studs for the picnic blanket, definitely the most satisfying. I just wanted the whole build to capture the moment by making the two friends stand out from the rest of build, and I accomplished that. The tree was a very simple build with the symmetrical leaves with the pink flowers. I hope you all like it as much as I had fun making it. 

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