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Crash Bandicoot


Crash at Brickworld Chicago

Crash has joined me on my trip to Brickworld Chicago! Marketing an Ideas project is important, so I have brought along some promotional materials to help spread the word and support for Crash Bandicoot! If you are in the Chicago area, stop by and say hi this weekend! Please share Crash with your friends!


Aku Aku and Updates to Crash!

Hi all! First of all I want to thank everybody who has supported and shared this project so far! It means a lot to me!

I want to share some exciting updates I have made to Crash, as well some extra items I am proposing to be included with the project.

First of all, I have adapted Crash's face to allow for varied facial expressions! Simply remove the bottom portion of his mouth, and a different one can be swapped in. I chose to include a new mouth with a tongue sticking out which I think is quite funny.

Secondly, I updated Crash's waist to allow him to run! This allows him to be a bit more flexible with his leg motions and opens up a fun variety of new poses.

Finally, the two new additions are a Wumpa fruit and Aku Aku! Aku Aku features adjustable eyebrows, and can be attached to Crash's face by simply removing his nose and snapping the mask in it's place.

I hope you enjoy these updates and thank you for your continued support! Please share this project and we can get closer to that 10,000 supporter goal!

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