Product Idea

Handheld Arcade !

Major Update coming when I Repost


Even though this version of my handheld arcade did not do triumphantly with the community, I never stopped playing and tweaking my prototype at home.  Instead of posting my dramatic changes as an update to this version that only has a few days left, I'm going to let this one expire, and try again with a new listing and hope for some new luck.  Thanks for everyone that has supported this project.  I hope you will find my updates exciting in the new version.


New Kickstand


Using the same parts used for linking two units together for versus mode, a player can create this simple and effective kickstand for the handheld arcade.  If resting on a table top, this holds the game at a good angle for game play and still allows easy access to the thumb triggers. 

-Having a kickstand was a suggestion I received in the comments section by lmoravec.  

I'm currently working on a few game modes suggested by supporters in comments and on youtube: Dunk tank, Baskeball, and Tennis.

Thanks for everyone's support!

New Winter Game!


Holiday season is in full swing and in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere snowmen are taking form. Here is just one possible game mode to fit the season. I call it Snowman Snowball Toss. You try to send the white "snow" ball into the snowman's hands. His body is easy to hit but it takes a smidge more practice to get into the hands. This is just an example of what you could possibly come up with if this base set was produced. I also thought of making 4x4 circular green wreaths to land in, or make an Iglu to break down. I also considered making the candy striped flippers into stockings. Too many ideas for one night. My next update will reguard the idea of adding an optional kickstand. Thanks for the support and getting this set passed the first 100 milestone!