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Handheld Arcade !


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The Lego Handheld Arcade:  Bring action games to life with this rebuildable Handheld Games system.  This idea starts out as a dual paddle handheld game platform that can have countless different games built upon it.  Some of the first games already developed are Skee Ball, Space Pinball, Baseball, Targets/Archery, and Soccer/Football.  The best part of the idea is that anyone can create new games for it with their Legos at home.

Special Features:

  • Would come with several game designs
  • Players can come up with their own new games
  • Link two units together to develop 2 player competition games
  • Paddles can be pressed hard or soft, and you control the tilt and therefore the "degree" of difficulty
  • Proposed to come with 3 minifigs: A green/blue Jester (Exclusive), Space Man, and Sporty Girl
  • Proposed to come with an Earth piece based off the Brown/Tan globes but with actual earth colors
  • No External IP
  • No batteries needed, just imagination!

Current Games:

  • Skee Ball: launch the ball up the ramp and attempt to land it in the center of the big red bull's-eye.
  • Targets/Archery: Shoot the ball at top speeds to flip the 5 targets up. 
  • Space Pinball: Send the ball amidst multiple obstacles and if you hit the trigger enough times, the rocket will launch!  
  • Soccer/Football: Re-use many pieces from the skee ball target to build a soccer goal.  The sports figure will swing about when hit as you aim for the goal.
  • Baseball: Two players optional.  Hit the ball and move your players according to the color you land in.  Red = Out, Yellow = Single, Green = Double.  Keep track of scores and outs on the side rail.  3 outs and you change players and see who gets the most runs.
  • Vs. Targets: Hook two systems up with the targets game layout.  Attempt to pass the ball over to the other player's board without hitting your own targets.  First player to flip all targets loses.
  • More to Come - And if you come up with any game ideas, post them in the comments and I'll see if I can add them in my updates.

Part Counts: 

  • Game board part count = 144 *based off ideal part usage (Images may show 2 smaller pieces that would ideally be 1 larger piece)
  • Parts to link two systems together = 28
  • Game Part counts (Some would overlap): Pinball = 47, Skee Ball = 77, Targets = 24, Baseball = 30 (ideally), Soccer = 18.
  • Figure/Accessory Parts = 18
  • Total Parts Needed = 358 *based off ideal parts, and reusing several parts for multiple game layouts.

Notes about the portrayed Design: I found that some pieces were currently not available in the colors needed to finish this project, so I made some substitutions.  I show the set built out of two different color schemes.  In the colorful scheme, the macaroni curve bricks at the end would ideally be medium blue like the rest of the walls. I elected to not tile the entire playing field because it made switching from one game to the next a lot more difficult.  I feel the open stud playing field makes this so much more customizable, and also makes it feel a whole lot more "Lego".  

About the Designer: I started this project out merely wanting to make my own mini handheld pinball machine.  As I got going, I realized it would be fun to swap out the elements and make multiple games for it.  


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