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Adventure Box


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Create your own adventure

Hi! I am glad to share with you my first project on lego ideas. I was inspired to create this model by an old wooden box that my mom used to store sewing supplies.

About the model

The box has 7 branches on 4 floors and is completely made of original lego details. Is built on the baseplate 16 x 32 studs. Approximately 1500 pieces were used. Each department has elements from which you can create your own story. It could be a dragon dance, training or a battle of warriors...

Closed box - (Width: 15,5 | Length: 26 | Height: 20 cm)

Opened box - (Width: 15,5 | Length: 73,5 | Height: 20 cm)

The box is easy to modify. You can:
- to create your own original mosaic ornament for each branch
- box lids can be used as a platform or stand

- the ability to insert lego Ligt Brick on the first three levels of the box (compartments may be illuminated when the box is opened).

You can also use it to store your collection of minifigures and accessories. This model can be a good complement to your workplace.

If you liked this project, please support it so it can become a real lego set. Thank you.


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