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Adventure Box



Thank you to the 9,000 awesome people who have taken the time to support Adventure Box project​​​​​​​ on LEGO Ideas! Only 1,000 to go! Please, keep sharing and voting up the project. Only with your help will I be able to achieve this goal!

New update! 6 Light Bricks on the first three levels of the box (compartments may be illuminated when the box is opened)


Happy New Year 2021!!!

Happy New Year to all Lego fans! May the New Year bring us new impressions and achievements. Thank you for your support of my Adventure Box project​​​​​​​



We hit 5000 supporters!!!

Thanks to everyone who has voted for this project and helped it reach 5000 supporters! This is amazing! Please feel free to share the project on social media and amongst anyone you know who likes LEGO.  Let's keep going to 10,000!

Also added are some images of different box lid designs


Thank you for 3,000 supports!

Thanks for your great support in this project!!!.


Thank you for 1,000 supports!

I want to thank everybody who voted and shared this creation! Now we archieved 1000 supporters and time extension, that`s awesome! THANK YOU!!

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