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What is it? (Introduction)

This is a new and original Lego Ideas project that have two main uses: 1) a business construction (like as a shop, as a firm, a business place, as a hot spot, connection's makers and others); 2) a dynamic to be used in Other LSP Method (Open-Source), like as maker connections, and hot spot, too.
This a Construction with: 
  • 2 pairs of part separators with connectors and a connector extender, joining the two ends of these connectors (blue and orange parts of the pictures in the shape of an omega - letter - photo #9);
  • A main construction, that it is a firm, a business, a shop;
  • A luminous panel (with traffic light and power pole, with scenography light, too);
  • The roofs, with original and based in Other LSP Method (Open-Source) way to build;
  • A plate 16 x 16 (and  many other plates), two minifigs, elements of scene parts, antennas, plants, a plate of 60 years of LEGO and more.

Is it can be used with Other LSP Method (Open-Source)?

Additionally, it can be have used in dynamics of Other LSP Method Open Source. See more details in futures updates of this Lego Idea project.
“This approach / application / technique / model / roadmap / case builds on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Open-source guideline made available by the LEGO® Group under a Creative Commons license. Feel free to share and use under the same license and enjoy playing seriously with bricks!” :-)

What is more? (Conclusion)
The last photos show the stool (the hidden sofa), the roofs (in an alternative position, in the middle and opened-roofs positions) and showed the external part of this construction. This is part of external area of this build, and have use so to reception, recreation area or a service area, one space to make business lobby. Moreover, there are many more in this Lego Idea.

Please, if you to like it, support this Idea, share and comment, Thank you so much.

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