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Commodore 64 minicomputer

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You can't forget your first computer or console. Never. The feeling when you received it; the pulse to use it at every opportunity, and the desire to share the happiness, inviting friends home to play. From this love comes this project...

The Commodore 64 (or C64 for short) is an 8bit computer named after its 64Kb Ram, released in 1982. It's the highest-selling single computer model of all time. It dominated the low-end market for most of the '80s, and for a good period even outselled IBM, Atari and Apple computers.
To me, the C64 was the second computer, the most desired and loved. If you EVER had this incredible machine, you will sure enjoy this model: it's in SCALE, it has everything on it (keys, led and logo), and if you open it... there's everything IN it (see the inside view)! Or at least everything I could fit in it.

The original slogan from Commodore could still be used... at 1/100 price of the original:
"For $5.95 you get what nobody else can give you for twice the price!"

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