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King Kong


Set for the fans  This set is a melding of the Peter Jackson and the original RKO pictures film of King Kong. Fans of the Jessica Lange film from the 1970's will also recognise and enjoy this set. 

What's in the set includes a build-able Kong figure, with the leading lady Ann Darrow minifigure,.  To make the scene as accurate as possible it includes several Skull Islanders, including their chief, with additional film characters Carl Denham and Jack Driscoll. The famous wall barrier on Skull Island is the setting for my scene. This set has 244 pieces, so would be enjoyable for teenagers and adults to construct.

The scene is based on the thrilling scene where Ann is offered to the Mighty Kong by the Skull islanders.  I anticipate that this set would be great for anyone who would want to recreate the story as a Lego animation.

My love for Kong.  I first saw King Kong, as the 2005 version and it enjoyed it very much.  Later  I found out that this version was a remake and it made me want to watch the other versions.  All films present a romantic story-line with the viewer having sympathy for the character of Kong.

Why I made this set I designed this set using Lego digital designer. I see this set as being one of a series which highlights the iconic moments from the King Kong story.  It could also be a part of a series of iconic movie scenes.

Thanks for looking at this project.

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