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Transport Inc. A Small Logistics Facility

Transport is one of the most important sectors there is, everyone needs stuff and that stuff has to get there!

Working in logistics myself, I wanted to create something that would be a good and nice representation of it. I did limit myself to a single 32x32 baseplate because I think it would be too big for the average LEGO fan otherwise, as well as simply impractical to place.

"Transport Inc." has a drivers' reception in the office on the ground floor for the drivers to report when coming to load/unload. They can either walk back outside to the truck or go into the warehouse via the interior door. The office has a single but well-equipped desk for the employee.

Above the office, on the second floor, is the canteen where employees and drivers can enjoy a cup of coffee and eat their sandwiches. Some papers are available to read the news on breaktime.

The warehouse has a multi-story pallet-rack. Several pallets are stored at this time. The docked truck can be loaded with the hand-pallet-truck as soon as the forklift has taken the pallets down. Two docks are available.

The structure is fully modular. The roof for warehouse and office-section can be lifted off. Both floors of the office-section can be removed separately. And for easiest access the complete left wall of the warehouse can be taken out in one go.

I have included 4 employees for Transport Inc as well as a driver of the truck currently at the dock.

Update october 2021: Some minor details amended following tips from supporters (ie tiling below stairs)

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