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I like the official Lego 7636 harvester combine, and here is my own version.

I worked real combine harvester when I was younger, so I knew what I wanted:
Liftable and detachable cuttingbar,
Openable grain tank,
Folding ladder to engine and fuel tank.

The cuttingbar is 32 stud wide (plus 2stud/side the white element), like the official Lego 7636 harvester .
The harvester is 14 stud wide with wide front tires, and the 34 stud long from the top of pilot cab to end of unloading auger. 11 brick high from ground to top of the amber light, 12 1/3 brick high when the grain tank is open.

You can see the details, like the airfilter next to the engine hood, or openable side panels, and the front ladder.

I hope you like.


Next farm project a tractor and a trailer.

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