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Modular Bank


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This is the modular bank that took me a while to build, and I finally have a set with minifigures! Here is what it has:

First Floor:
  • Lamppost
  • Bench with child
  • Guest Services at bank
  • Worker at the bank
  • Police Officer trying to get crook

Second Floor:
  • Crook, trying to get into the vault
  • Treasures including.....
  • Gold
  • Money
  • Money Bags
  • Trophies
  • Statue
  • valuable Gem

This is not a normal bank, so I tried to make it my way as much as possible. I think this will get very far, and I am making my first update on more stuff in the vault once we hit 250 supporters. I hope we can achieve this goal. If you like this, you will like my Hotel and Ice Cream Parlor as it just hit 100 supporters! You can check my builds out by clicking on my name. You might like my Cabin by the river and Among Us too. Thank You.

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