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Large Electric Locomotive


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On Wednesday (6-20-2018), I started building this project after deciding to build a bigger version of my previous project, the Small Electric Locomotive. Yesterday (6-23-2018), I finished it. Like my previous project, this project was also inspired by the Milwaukee Road electric locomotives. This locomotive was more heavily inspired by those locomotives than the Small Electric Locomotive.

This project is 980 pieces. Included in this project is a Large Electric Locomotive (of course), a display stand, and two engineers. One engineer is a male with a scarf, and the other is a female with a vest.

The locomotive's interior includes two cab sections and an engine room. Since there are two cab sections, two minifigures can be placed inside the locomotive instead of just one. There are portions of the engine room that can be taken out to replace the items with Power Functions. Horray! Once again, "all that is needed is a Train Motor, an Infrared Receiver, and a Triple-A Battery Box."

Thank you all for supporting and viewing this model! If you have any suggestions for future projects, or suggestions on how I can make this project better, feel free to give me you opinions in the comments. Have a good day, everyone! By cheesy. 6/24/2018

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