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Large Electric Locomotive


Thanks 100!

Thank you all so much for supporting this project! In celebration of this project getting its first milestone, I present to you all an image of this project but with a different colorscheme. If you notice, it has the same colorscheme as the Milwaukee Road electric locomotives do. Once again, thanks for your support! By cheesy. 7/9/2018



About an hour ago from the time that I'm typing this message (11:55 AM), homeparts supported this project, making it reach its first milestone. Thank you all so much for making this my fifth project to reach its first milestone! Regards, cheesy. 7/9/2018


99 Supporters! HOORAY!!

Oh my gosh! This is happening! ~cheesy 7/9/2018


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This project has 97 supporters, and only needs three more to reach my first milestone, and get 365 more days for this project. Please support this project if you like it! ~cheesy 7/7/2018


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Thanks for your support, everyone! It feels good to be over the halfway point for supporters. If this project gets to one-hundred supporters, it would be a great thing to see! Once again, thank you everyone. By cheesy. 7/1/2018


Toys "R" Us: The Final Days (Toys "Wer" Us)

Today is the final day that my local Toys "R" Us store is going to be open. It's really sad that Toys "R" Us is finally coming to an end. Two days after the announcement that Toys "R" Us is going out of business, the founder passed away.

There are several reasons why the store is closing down. First of all, even though the legendary toy store chain had the best selection of toys that a kid would want, the prices were too high. For example, the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 cost $400. The original price is $349.99, so that's just highway robbery! Also, the smallest LEGO Speed Champions sets cost $16.99 instead of the original price, $14.99.

When I went to my local Toys "R" Us store on memorial day with my sister to see what we could get, I saw the EV3 on sale for $300. That's a good price in all, but then I saw the original price, and it said it originally cost $430! That's even WORSE!

They filed for bankruptcy after having to pay several other toy companies over $100,000. This is probably because of their too-high prices. I don't believe that the origianl founder of Toys "R" Us was responsible for the high prices, but the newest CEO.

Even though parents liked shopping at Toys "R" Us stores to get their children birthday or Christmas presents, some of those parents decided to go to other stores for toys, such as Target, Walmart, Meijer, etc. However, Toys "R" Us stores were packed to the max when Black Friday came. Take it from me, because my sister told me this, and she knows what she's talking about.

Even if the prices in Toys "R" Us chains were fair, most children are drawn to mindlessly violent video games that are recommended for mature players only. Like my sister said, children don't want to play with real toys; they would rather stare at a screen. She even gave an example of this with the Toy Story franchise:

When Andy was a young boy, he didn't play video games, but he actually played with his toys. His baby sister Molly, at the same age, is more interested in reading magizines and listening to music on her i Pod rather than playing with her Barbie dolls that she gave away to the local daycare. In Toy Story: That Time Forgot, a boy (not Andy) got several dinosaur-warrior action figures for Christmas, but he was more drawn to virtual reality games. Eventually, he turns to playing with his toys.

Well, it's now the end of the Toys "R" Us kid era, after over seventy years of the business. Farewell, Toys "R" Us...YOU WILL BE MISSED!! By cheesy. 6/28/2018

Here is an image of the exterior of my local Toys "R" Us store on March 18th of 2018, three months and ten days before its closing. Note that the parts with people in the image have been covered with black squares.

Here is an image of the interior of my local Toys "R" Us store on March 18th of 2018. Once again, the parts with people in the image have been covered with black squares.

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