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Small Electric Locomotive


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NOTE: The overhead lines that are seen in the main image are not included with this project. The same goes for the tracks.

I started building this Small Electric Locomotive last night, and I finished it tonight. It was inspired by the Milwaukee Road electric locomotives. Unlike the Milwaukee Road electric locomotives, this locomotive is small.

This project is 324 pieces. Besides a box-like locomotive, a minifigure is also included. The pantograph on the roof can be adjusted to simulate the pickup of electricity on the overhead lines.

There are two sections that can be easily removed to get access inside. Not only can a minifigure be placed in front of the controls, but Power Functions can also be placed inside to motorize the locomotive! All that is needed is a Train Motor, an Infrared Receiver, and a Triple-A Battery Box.

That pretty much sums up this small project. Thank you all for your support! If you think something should be edited, added, or taken away, let me know in the comments please. Have a good day, everyone! By cheesy. 6/13/2018

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