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This nice, detailed model has 5 different  parts to it in a total of 9 squares. There are three squares for the Great wall of China, two squares for the Terracotta Warriors, two squares for the Yellow River, one square for a Pagoda and one square for a Cherry Tree. Here are some descriptions/facts about the five parts:

The Great Wall of China, in real life is (including all its different sections and the parts now destroyed) 21,196 km long! It is, on average, 5 - 8 meters high and 5 - 6 meters wide. It was built to protect China from northern invaders.

The Terracotta Warriors is a part of Emporer Qin Shi Huang's tomb. There are over 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses and an additional 150 cavalry horses.

The Yellow River, the third largest river in Asia is about 5,464 km long. It is called yellow because of the amount of silt carried in it making it a brownish-yellow.

Pagodas are tall, tiered buildings usually used for religious purposes. They are common throughout China and other parts of Asia. They typically have multiple layers with over-hanging roofs, each roof smaller than the one before.

Cherry trees are amazing trees with dense blossoms of pink to white. They are extremely beautiful and are often found in parks and palaces in China and the far east.


There are 500 pieces making this model a nice sized, affordable model and would probably be around the $10-49 price range.


This model would be great on display as it is very detailed and you could rearange it every so often. Also, it could be a really good great educational toy, as it is models of places or things in China, so I think it would be good mainly for children and adults. There are few pieces so it would be a very easy build.


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