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Mesadon Gatehouse


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A highly detailed castle with eight minifigures, a king, his three noble knights, a stable man and three enemy knights. The castle has a tower, a gate house with a portcullis, stablemans cottage and a stable. There's also a well and a weapon rack as well as battlements all the way round. The cottage has a thatched roof and wattle and daub walls inside there is a bed with a patchwork quilt, a stand for a saddle and a table for a lamp, a broom stands by the door and there is a tapestry of the kings coat of arms of the wall. The stable has space for two horses and a water trough dividing the two horses.


I have kept the pieces under the required 3000, at 2349 pcs.


The aim of this set is for older children and teenagers to have a kind of Expert Creator castle. I feel the other LEGO Castle series were aimed at slightly younger children (although they were very cool) and it would be nice to have a castle that is more detailed  and a harder build. If this model does become a set the builders should keep in mind that this is to be a similar build and price to the Creator Expert models.

I'd say the price was about 100-199 USD or about £100-£150 the set is probably good for any gender or age depending on their likes and a medium build.

Hope you enjoy!

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