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3D Puzzle, 2 in 1



This 3D 2-in-1 puzzle has just 6 parts to the puzzle and both of the two puzzles use the same parts. The board flips over and you do the different puzzles on the opposite sides. Both puzzles are deceptively hard and (unless you already know how to do them), can take quite a few tries to do.


The proposed set would be about 360 pieces


The aim of this project is to have a fun to build yet fun to play with model that people of all ages could enjoy. The set wouldn't be very expensive, about $50-99 USD, and a very easy build. I think its great that LEGO can not only be built but can be interacted with. This model is a great example of that.

If you like this model check out my other creation using the link below:

Mesadon Gatehouse

I hope you like it. Have fun!

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