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High School


This is a high school. It is made out of 2500 pieces and is compatible with official modular buildings.

On the first floor there is a science classroom, the administration office, the headmaster/headmistress/principal's office (I believe that depending on your region, they can be called different things), and another classroom, which I call a "generic classroom," since there is no set purpose to it-it could be used for anything. There is also a bench and a picnic table outside, and the whole outdoor area is surrounded by a fence. The second floor consists of a computer room and two more "generic classrooms." Each classroom has its own number, from 1 to 5, with 1 being downstairs, and 5 being upstairs.

There are eleven minifigures that I made to go with this project. One of them is intended to be the headmistress/principal (the lady with the beehive hairdo and the pink shirt), the minifigures without backpacks are intended to be teachers, and the minifigures with backpacks are intended to be students. Of course, even with all of these minifigures, there are still spaces to be filled in the school (especially since there are two classrooms that don't have a teacher), but of course the amount of minifigures included must be reasonable as well, so I left it as is. 

This project is intended to be a model of my actual high school, and a lot of details are inspired by my school. These include the roof, the brick texture, the coloration of the building and the bricks, the railing on the second floor, and even the doors on the classrooms and especially on the administration office. Even the sign on the front is inspired by my school, which uses an electronic sign to make announcements regarding the school, and even shows the date, time, and temperature outside (although the temperature is usually about ten degrees off). This is the fifth time that I'm submitting this project, since it is extremely special to me.

School may not be fun (at least to many people), but building a school certainly is! Please don't forget to support, follow, comment, and share! Thank you for taking a look!

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