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G-22 Armored Combat Mech

This build is a minifig scale by bipedial mech that stands about 6.4 inches tall. It has digigrade legs, humanoid arms and a domed head. It is quite posable and has 12 ball joints in its arms and legs plus rotating wrists and a unique hand design. Its head and chest can open up and the pilot minifigure can fit inside.

I originally built this for fun but then decided to submit it here.

I think this build would make a good Lego set because almost everyone loves Mechs and the idea of walking around and one. this model has great playability due to its high posability and the included pilot minifigure and his blaster. it also looks pretty cool (if I do say so myself) and would make a great display piece. I think this would be a good LEGO set for both kids and adults. 

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