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Passenger Boat


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Last night, I built this small Passenger Boat. This project was a something I challenged myself to do. Usually, I post LEGO train projects, but instead, I decided to do something different.

This Passenger Boat is 166 pieces. The motors in the back can be adjusted to whatever height the set owner wants. The roof on top is removable, and the captain's seat can be turned around.

I have nicknamed this boat the Frogman, as there is a decorative golden frog in the front of the boat, as well as "frogman's feet" pieces on the sides of the vessel.

Have a good day! Let me know in the comments of what you think of this project. I mean, you don't have to. It's an optional thing. Anyway, good night, and good luck! By cheesy. 1/18/2018

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