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     The Concorde is a famous Franco-British supersonic airliner. It is one of only two supersonic airliners in the world. Indeed he could reach Mach 2. Commercial flights began in 1976 and ended 27 years later in 2003 due to a lack of profitability. The decline of the Concorde was also precipitated by an accident in July 2000.

     This reproduction of the Concorde in Lego includes a detailed aircraft of 1360 pieces as well as a removable support to be able to expose it composed of 240 pieces with a plate providing information on the real model. The set therefore includes 1600 pieces. There are currently 2 possible versions of the model: British Airways or Air France.

Some information and features:

          - the nose can be lowered

          - the flaps can be lowered

          - the landing gears are functional, they can retract

          - scale: 1:90


          - length: 68 cm

          - width:  33 cm

          - height: 25 cm (with stand)

                        13 cm (without stand)

I would be very grateful if you support this project. Thank you!

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