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NASA Deep Space Habitat and Rover

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My name is Brian, and I am a former intern on NASA's Deep Space Habitat Project. It would grant me great pride to see this real life technology celebrated with LEGO, a toy that inspired me to build and explore in the first place.

It will not be an easy run to 10,000 supporters, but in the words of John F. Kennedy, "We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are HARD"


This is a model set of NASA's Deep Space Habitat project and Chariot rover project, which is aimed at creating sustainable laboratories, living spaces, and vehicles for astronauts on future deep-space missions!

Included is the Habitat Demonstration Unit in the bottom-middle, the Airlock on the left, Pressurized Logistics/Hygiene Module (PHM) on the right, and the X-Hab on top. The HDU serves as the work station and the X-Hab as the crew quarters.

This "Space Base" has had many configurations, and the LEGO set is no different, allowing for several modules to be moved and connected in different ports.

This is a perfect project for Space and LEGO lovers!

**I would like to donate a portion of the profits to an organization for the education of space exploration. If you have any suggestions for the cause, or suggestions on the project, please leave a comment.**

I appreciate your support!

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A different HDU configuration including NASA's Chariot Rover (as seen on Top Gear), which docks with the Deep Space Habitat. Two space suits are attached for EVAs (Extra Vehicular Activites) in the back.

Playable area inside includes high-tech computer systems for control of HDU systems.

One configuration of the real thing.
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