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Sea Life Adventure


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what's up everybody this is crankyshark079 and this is my first ever Lego ideas build summited "sea life adventure". In this build I made sure you can not only see what is happening above the water but also what is below the water. There is a shark cage with a diver in it that is connected to the boat that is above the water, below the cage is parts to an old shipwreck with a treasure chest full of gold. Surrounding the chest is all kinds of sea life including an octopus that is in the front left of the build in front of the chest. Surrounding the cage is some curious sharks with fish swimming around them. In the back right corner is some seaweed with a school of fish above it and in the middle of the build there is more seaweed with a diver in it, above the school of fish is a saw shark swimming to the cage. On the top is a boat with seagulls flying above and there is a sea life researcher and a boat driver, beside the boat is two dolphins jumping above the water. There is also a orange boat with a diver on it getting suited up to dive right into the water. I built this build because I really think sea life is very awesome and fascinating, and I really love to see Lego builds that show off all that sea life. So I really hope this build will get a chance to become a Lego set, i love to see Lego nature builds become a Lego set.

Minifigs in this build(5 minifig total)
  • 3 Divers
  • 1 sea life researcher
  • 1 boat driver
Animals in this build(28 total)
  • 4 seagulls
  • 2 sharks
  • 2 dolphins
  • 1 octopus
  • 2 green fish
  • 1 pink
  • 3 silver fish
  • 8 dark green fish
  • 1 saw shark
  • 1 star fish
  • 2 crabs
  • 1 sea clam
This build has a total of 1,486 pieces. Thanks for reading this and checking out my first ever Lego idea summited. :)

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