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Sea Life Adventure


I added light to the build!

I added some light to the build, hope you can see more of the details now, thanks a lot and have a great day!


my first 1k!

Thanks so much to the 1,000 supporters and future supporters, now 4,000 to the next milestone! I wish you luck on your builds too!!


100 more till 1,000!!

I'm almost to my next milestone, thanks for all the support and Merry Christmas!!👍🙂🎄🎁


Halfway to 1,000!!!

Thanks to all my 518 supporters on this build I appreciate it, thanks for the feedback and nice comments too, I'm almost to 1,000 votes, and I wish all of you luck on any of your builds:)😃


100 supporters!!

What's up everybody, my first ever lego build summited has made it to 100 on the first 4 days!!😃 thanks for all the support and feedback I really appreciate it. I cant wait to see how much more votes it gets, please tell everyone you know about my build. wish you luck on you builds too:) thanks!!

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