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Leica IIIf, 1950

Leica IIIf is an iconic rangefinder camera introduced in 1950. It’s the Leica camera I happened to own, so I decided to recreate it with digital LEGO pieces, along with a 50 mm f/2 lens, a 35 mm finder, a body cap and a lens cap. 
This product proposal features a total of 586 elements, whereof 125 unique elements, 6 decorated elements, and 2 weight bricks built into the camera. The accessories are easily attachable and detachable. The dials can rotate 360 degrees and the shutter-release button is tactile. 
The display stand is the same one featured in my Ur-Leica product proposal. It allows you to display the camera on a red carpet finish, alternatively on a tan wooden finish. The layer of tiles securely rests on the stand and can be flipped around to show the different finishes. 
“Project Red Dot” - a project about getting a LEGO Leica product proposal to the IDEAS review - is now continuing with this Leica IIIf replica. Thank you for being a part of this journey!
“Piece out”,
Pandis Pandus

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