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Neighborhood Furniture Store - Bob's Home Shop

In the city, there's a neighborhood furniture store that many minifigures turn to for all their furniture needs. That's right - welcome to Bob's Home Shop! It's been in business for many years now and is known to be trusted for quality service. The project includes around 1400 pieces and 3 minifigures - a store employee (with the name tag), customer, and a guy jogging past the store.
The first and second floors are the furniture store itself. The first floor has the cashier's counter so that the customers can pay for their purchases. Most of the rest of the store is filled with the items on offer, but the walls are decorated with awards the store has won (like #1 Furniture Retailer), or newspaper clippings that feature it. The store is very proud of its accomplished history!
On the second floor of the store, however, there's a ladder, camouflaged slightly by being the same color as the wall. The ladder leads up to the owner's apartment. While the owner likes living above the store, he also has a goal of keeping as much space for retail as possible, so he just has a ladder to lead up to his apartment instead of a full staircase. In the apartment there is a small bathroom, a full kitchen, a dining table, a desk with a notebook and a pen, and a bed.
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