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LL928 Comes Home


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Back in 70s, the time of great optimism about space exploration, numerous brave men and women ventured into the frontiers of outer space to discover new worlds. Recovered records reveal that not all returns home. What is the fate of these brave explorers? Are they still out there exploring the universe?

No, wait! Today, a LL928 “Explorer” spaceship just jumped out of the blue from hyperspace jump, right into medium Earth orbit! Where have they been? What have they been doing? Why are they back? The answers and stories of these returning heroes will be collected in “Adventure Tales of Classic Space!”...


This “LL928 Comes Home” set models the returning LL928 Explorer spaceship. There are significant upgrades and modifications done to the original ship by the on-board engineers. Probably to adapt to needs in their dangerous space missions? Or did they borrow from alien technologies?



The LL928 Explorer spaceship has the same wingspan and body length as the original LL928. It consists of 1179 bricks. Most of the additional brick counts goes to details in the underside and interior of the spaceship. Of course, there is the mini-rover with 28 bricks.

The command outpost consists of 1148 parts. It includes an airlock area, commanding deck, small rest-and-relax corner and a communication tower.



This set took about 3 months to design and another 2 months to build. You can see the physical build here: . It had been on public display for about a month with the landing gears down supporting the weight of the spaceship without problems. If you have the original 497/928 sets, you will have most parts to build this new ship. LDD file will be available; so do watch out for the updates on this page. 

Lastly, I hope you can support this project and let's bring back more of the Expanded Classic Space!

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