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Naked Mole Rat


Naked mole rats are endless fascinating. Aside from being almost hairless, these creatures are eusocial (they form colonies like bees, with a queen). They are also almost completely cold blooded, huddling together in colony chambers for warmth. And, the kicker, their front teeth grow outside their lips so they can dig tunnels without getting dirt in their mouths.

We are lucky enough to have a colony at the local science museum and they always draw a crowd. Almost every time I visit, there is child near the colony, asking to hold one.

I was inspired to create this model by all those kids who wanted a naked mole rate of their very own. The model is very close to life size. Build one, or several. Make your own colony. With a few extra bricks, you could even elongate one to make a queen!

Thanks to all who support this model.  With your help, we can all finally bring one of these guys home! 

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