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Peanuts by Schulz


It's Opening Day Charlie Brown!

In honor of 2023 MLB Opening Day, here are some new scenes of Charlie Brown centered around baseball! Enjoy!


Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Are your decorations all set up? Did you get a Christmas tree?

Snoopy and Charlie Brown are ready!

Don't forget the true meaning of Christmas and what Christmas is all about!

Thank you for your support and Merry Christmas!


Thank you for 1000 Supporters! 9K to go (Good Grief!) =D

Thank you to everyone so much for helping me reach this important milestone! I was hoping it could coincide with what would have been the 100th birthday of creator Charles Schulz last week, but we were very close never the less! I really appreciate your support and now I get a cool 1k badge that is making Charlie Brown grin from ear to ear! Can we get to 10K? I hope so and would appreciate if you can help spread the word!

Here is an update with 5 new characters that could become part of the set: Sally Brown, Franklin, Pig-Pen, Marcie, and Peppermint Patty!
I've also updated the gif so you can have a closeup view of them along with the previous main PEANUTS characters!

If anyone has any advice on how to go about editing the main images of the projects (in terms of procedure) I'd welcome to hear it!

Stay tuned with future updates where I hope I can include some other classic scenes from the strip!

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