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Peanuts by Schulz


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Inspired by the beloved PEANUTS strip by Charles M. Schulz, I bring you Charlie Brown and the gang!

Started on October 2, 1950, PEANUTS was well ahead of its time in the comic strip medium. Centered around the everyman hero Charlie Brown and his friends, for 50 years(!) the strip graced the comics section around the world and expanded to every form of media.

Comics have always been one of my passions and it means a lot to me to be able to present this tribute to all the fans of PEANUTS.

The inspiration derives directly from the comic strips that were so beautifully rendered by its creator, Charles M. Schulz. Like the comic strip, this set consists of four individual panels which can be modified for a variety of fan-favorite moments of PEANUTS. The characters could easily be modified changing bricks around to develop their different expressions depending on the situation, but with a low piece count I find it easier (and more fun!) for a few iterations of each character to be available to allow flexibility and additional posing outside of the panels should you want one by your desk.

The set includes the following characters:

Charlie Brown - Good ol' Charlie Brown is always there for his friends, even in the harshest of circumstances. Watch him take care of his dog, try to kick the football, and listen to advice. Life can be tough, but Charlie Brown never gives up!

Snoopy - Charlie Brown's faithful companion. Yes, he is a dog, but don't let that fool you. He is also an accomplished writer and can often be found soaring through the skies as he tries to take on the infamous Red Baron!

Woodstock - A curious little bird and one of Snoopy's best friends. He certainly loves to chat!

Lucy van Pelt - Bossy, cranky, sarcastic, but oh so loveable, this little girl speaks her mind and is always(?) right. Her methods may be unorthodox, but she always seems to dole out the right words of wisdom from her psychiatrist booth and often pines for a young pianist's attention!

Linus van Pelt - Younger brother of Lucy, this precocious child may know more about the world than adults! A loyal friend, he often consoles Charlie Brown and will probably never leave behind his favorite security blanket. If it's Halloween, you know you can find him awaiting the arrival of the Great Pumpkin!

Schroeder - This young boy started playing the piano since he was a baby! Best make sure you never get in the way between him and the music of the great Ludwig van Beethoven!

I hope you enjoy this creation and can share it with others in the hopes to make this tribute to the greatest comic strip of all time a reality!

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