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SPACE: Moon Base

Flying on near-zero gravity over dusty plains, looking for valuable resources. Of my generation (born in the early 80s) haven't played with the iconic Space lego sets. 

It is time to give this theme the revival it deserves with this Classic Space: Moon Base

Acustomed to modern Lego era, this modular setup has maximum display value, but also play value and not to mention maximum swooshability. 

It comes with the following Features
  • 2524 Piece count total, covering roughly the space of a 32x32 baseplate
  • 3 fully buildable compartments (with built-in interior) consisting of:
    • Cargo Hangar
    • Greenhouse/Kitchen module
    • Sleeping/Living/Working quarters
  • 6 minifigures with modern double expressions plus a buildable robot
    • Benny (Blue - with unbroken modern chinstrap)
    • Lenny (White)
    • Jenny (Yellow)
    • Kenny (Pink)
    • Danny (Green)
    • Bob (Brown)
    • And Flint the robot
  • Lunar vehicle including:
    • 8-wheeled base
    • Detachable airplanes
    • Posable rocket
  • Even more features
    • Aircraft landing pad
    • Working elevator to go to the top and bottom
    • Airlock door
    • Powersource

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