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Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters- Colchis Bull Attack

This set is based on the scene in the Sea of Monsters movie when Colchis bulls (They're basically just bronze moving statues.) attack Camp Half-Blood. The bull was very challenging to build, and I had to pause the scene in the movie multiple times. This set would cost about $25 and has 179 bricks, and includes the Colchis bull, a building with a fence, and 6 minifigures. The bull can be moved at the legs and feet to make cool running poses. The building is very simple, and if you want me to change it, I can try. I can think of other things I could make instead. The 6 minifigs in the set are: Percy Jackson (NEW SOM*), Annabeth (NEW SOM*), Grover (NEW SOM*), Luke Castellan (NEW SOM*), Tyson (NEW), and Clarisse (NEW SOM*). Please support, and check out my other Percy Jackson projects!
* SOM= Sea of Monsters Version

The Colchis Bull

One of the parts in the movie.

The end.

The minifigures.

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