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Zeus Statue


Once upon a a time, a greek emperor commanded his people to make a giant statue of 'Zeus, king of gods'. 
The master scultor created a huge statue with four sides of stand that told four stories of greek mythologies.

The statue was in sitting position. In its right hand was a statue of Nike, goddess of vitory. Its left hand hold a wand with an eagle on top to remember an event that Zeus let this animal to ate the liver of Prometheus.

On the front side of stand, the statue of Athena and olive tree, her creation, were made for reverence of her winning in founding of Athens whereas the statue of Poseidon, the loser in this competition, and his horse were made on the left side.

The right side was given to Apollo, god of the sun, who killed Python, the great sepent.

Although, the sculptor did not forget the benevolence of Prometheus, the titan who created man, he fear the anger of Zeus. Therefore, the statue of  this titan was made on the back side.

There were only the white stones behind statue of Athena that were not sort alternately. This was a door of hidden room under Zeus statue.

The hidden room did not contain any treasures. The head of Medusa, but by Perseus, was preserved here.

Enjoys these amazing mythologies in the world of Lego!!!




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