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Hello everyone!

I'd like to introduce you to my first constraction-based project, Mordecai! He is a fully posable soldier who wields the Sword of the Swift, a broadsword which allows the user to travel at high speeds and jump with increased altitude. The sword also splits into two smaller swords with the use of a second handle that can be stored on his back. Mordecai also comes equipped with a wing pack that you can attach by removing the armor on his back and clipping it into place. Each of his hands have three completely articulated fingers, which is by far my favorite part of this model. The thumbs were very difficult to get right. I haven't had a project pass the first milestone yet, so if you want to see Mordecai as a set, please support! And keep an eye out for some cool updates!

(This is NOT a Bionicle reboot or an upgrade to the mask maker set. I just thought this completely original model looked cool enough to be a Lego set.)

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