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Modular Go Kart Track


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This model is of a modular compatible go kart track, which is built on a 32 studs x 48 studs base (the same as the Assembly Square building. It has 1533 parts including 3 go karts, a podium and 7 minifigures. The minifigures include 3 racers (each of whom can either have a hairpiece or a racing helmet), 2 staff (one with a ticket accessory and the other with a height measuring stick), a young child and their grandmother.

The track has a start/finish line, a pit lane, a bridge, a chicane and a tunnel and the lights can be swapped out between red and green to indicate the start of a race. The set includes a trophy for the winner. Minifigures can access the track via a bridge in the shape of a tyre and also a walkway. The model has a central building with a sign that says "KARTS". on the roof. It has a full interior, with stairs, a ticket store and seating; this is accessible as two sections of the roof can be removed. There are also two spare mounting points to either change the position of the karts or add more in other colours.

I built this because I think a go kart track would be a good addition to any modular city layout, and also I have not seen any similar MOCs done in this format. Although it is different to most traditional modular buildings produced by Lego, I feel it would nevertheless fit well next to the other buildings in the range.

Credit to user Samool-h for the design of the go karts.

21/1/23: For reaching 100 supporters, I have added minifigures and a podium. Thank you to everyone who has helped to support this project!

**Extra challenge - spot the bird!**

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