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Jeep Wrangler Rubicon


9931 supporters!

I am deeply grateful to you for your enthusiastic support to LEGO Wrangler. Within a few days my project is likely to achieve the 10K goal. This, of course, is thanks to interest and love you have shown for last few months. It is a great pleasure for me.

Regardless of the conclusion that I will get from the review stage, I will keep these wonderful memories in my mind. Let's wait some more and see what happens. Thanks again. Happy building!



Colorful Rubies are here! New Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in yellow, red and blue.

Since I posted the last update I had ordered yellow bricks online, waited for some days to be delivered, and finally got all the parts that I need to build all the exterior chassis. Here is the result, new colorful Rubicon. Thanks to the help of the weather last weekend, I was able to film the Rubicon rolling the snow field.

Please note that the inserted photo is slightly color corrected as I ordered the parts in little different level of yellowish, though by my mistake. Well, absolutely the yellow is one of the iconic colors of Wrangler. 

Playing with colors using correction software I could render in red and blue too. Please check the results. 
Hope you like these versions, thank you all again for continuous supporting, and happy new year! 




Yellow body is coming soon !

I am truly grateful for the amazing support you have shown so far. It is already close to 7,000.
As many supporters have asked for different colors, I will try a yellow body as the first trial.
As similar to the actual colorful Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, the bumpers and mudguards will remain black and all other bodies will turn yellow.
I will update within a few days. Happy new year :)



Winch, light bar and larger tires.

Incredibly rapid spreading of the idea so far! WOW, thank you very much for all your supports, following and comments. As the project hits over 5000 as of today, I summarized the requests and comments got from you. Mainly those are about colors, doors, lights, and motorization. Here they are.

* Engine orientation * number of doors * winch or lift * camping accessories and utilities * color (green army, red, yellow, orange crush, lime, blue, gray) * larger tires * Jurassic park theme * detachable windshield * TJ model * Unlimited package * angled front grill * light LPF * Technic motorization * RC with working steering * smooth out the curves * safari rack * offroad gear * very detailed suggestion (from Goldfinger48) about two significant versions of  project.

Many thanks for all of them, fantastic, and awesome! I could craft a couple of items available right now using the parts in my drawers. Check photos taken today morning, showing the light bar on the roof frame and on the front bumper, a small winch for the ditch, and larger tires for rocky ground.


Please keep say words that can improve the idea and make the project more attractive.  Thank you all again. Help the project successively get the second half of 10K. 


2000 Supporters!


Thank you so much for supporting My Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.
It already hit more than 2K yesterday. Just amazing!
I do not know what I should say now. It is  unbelievably fast. WOW.

I could see great requests, fabulous ideas and better options from your comments, so I am trying to bring some of them to my project.
Once I got solutions, I promise that I will update here.

Also, many thanks to review writers for spreading the project to Wrangler fans.
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Thank you for all of your support and comment.


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