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Pneumatic Steam Locomotive


Improving playability, decorations and solidity

Hello everyone !

Here is an update of the model :

I made the model more solid, so you can easily manipulate it without being scared of breaking anything, this is highly resistant now :)

I re-built the interior so it looks prettier and so it's easier to build and understand :

A lifting system also have been added, so the train can be lifted up a milimeter above the rails. This way, we can enjoy the movement of the wheels without having the whole train going away. When we don't want to lift up the train, two levers can be moved so the lifters fold back and the wheels are on track again :

Some changes also for the tender that can now host a hand pump made of 3 large pumps. You can leave the pumps in the tender or take it out to use it, very handy :) :

A video will come soon to better show all of that, because the train got also more regular in it's movement and a little bit faster !

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