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Dragon Designer


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If you like dragons and adventure, then this is the set for you! This set comes with four dragons and four different styles you can choose for them. This set is called dragon designer because you can either use the designs you are given, or you can create your own! Make your dragons look epic by trying to rearange the pieces that come with the set. Design your dragons and have fun poseing them. You can even have a minifigure ride on their backs! 

Each dragon has joints you can rotate to give the dragons fun poses. You can even put a lego flame piece in the mouth to make your dragon look like it is breathing fire!

I created this set because I really like dragons and I love designing lego sets.

I think this would be a good lego set because this set offers creativity and people can make their own uniqe dragons.

If you would like to see this set become a reality, please support. All support is apreciated.

Is the sky the limit? Find out by flying with the dragons!

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