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Update No. 2 / Dragon combination Photos!

Dragon Designer has reached over 300 supporters! Thank you all so much for your support!

Here are some photos of the dragons in the set. These photos show the different dragon combinations that you could give your dragons if this was an actual set! I hope you like them!



Update No. 1

The set has reached 100 supporters! It's finally here, Dragon Designer's first update! I will introduce you to the new dragon added to the set, and then show you some examples for creating your own dragon designs. :)


Please give a warm welcome to the Blizzard dragon! This little guy has the characteristics of an ice dragon, and he can also be used to give the other dragons some cool features!




In this part of the update, I will show you some ways that can help you rearrange the dragon's pieces to get an epic look!

To make the dragon look unique, you can take two of the dragons and try swapping out their pieces with one another.

Here are some examples!




Those were only a few examples that let you imagine what you could do with the Dragon Designer set. :)


Finally, I want to thank all the supporters that are supporting this set. It really helps to get this set moving to become a real lego set! There is still a lot of support needed though to get there, so if you have not supported yet please support. All support is appreciated! 

I also like to see your comments. You can comment on which dragons are your favorite!

If this set gets 1,000 supporters, I will try to make a new update. 

Thank you, and have a wonderful day. :)



Update Coming Soon!

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