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Caterpillar Bulldozer

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Heavy construction and mining equipment have long been a staple in LEGO kits; simple to complex, small to large, Town to Technic. The pairing continues to be a popular and familiar choice for builders of all ages.

This model is a highly detailed, functional model of a Caterpillar-style tracked dozer. The bulldozer is a classic, renown machine that is well modelled in the medium of LEGO as both a display piece and an interactive toy.

It uses electric motors for the tracks, remote control for driving and steering, and pneumatic power for movement of the blade. The ripper on the back of the tractor is removable, and in its place a LEGO Power Functions battery pack can be attached. An infrared receiver sits in the cab behind the seat for operating the dozer. Two electric motors, one per track, allow for forward, reverse, and steering operation.

This model has seen some updates! The blade has been completely redesigned for a more Caterpillar-accurate look. The dozer now features a "universal blade," with flared-out moldboard, rock guard, and stingers.

See a video here for details and operation of the model:

See here for an album of photos, showing more of the many details in the model: Imgur
(The above photos are pre-2013 updates)

Approximate number of parts: 875

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Pneumatic switches in the cab, along with the air pump "exhaust stack," provide for movement of the blade. One switch controls the lift, and the other controls the tilt.

This model has a broad appeal, from younger builders who enjoy the functions of the machine, to older fans who appreciate the finer details of the model, such as shown above:
Joystick pneumatic controls, fire extinguisher, radio antenna, grab handles, fender-mounted air-conditioning, engine block, muffler, air cleaner, radiator, cooling fan, "hydraulic" hoses, etc...

The ripper can also move, in a lift and tilt motion. The pneumatic cylinders are not powered by air, since the ripper is removed to make room for the battery pack.

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